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May 2018

Often quoted as the number one honeymoon destination, The Maldives has become a popular choice for couples to relax, unwind and seek solitude. But this island country scattered over the Indian Ocean has so much more to offer. 1. Ride a seaplane The Maldives comprises of over 1,100 islands and 26 Atolls. Malé (the capital) is just a landing point and once there, transfer over to your resort (depending on the distance – resorts arrange for either a speedboat or a seaplane).

As someone who has grown up only an hour from the Big Easy, I’ve been lucky to spend many weekends exploring a city full of so much culture and life. New Orleans is known for the art, music, people, and my personal favorite, the food. It might be overwhelming at first, especially if you are unfamiliar with Louisiana. There are so many options of restaurants, bars, shops, and experiences. So, if it’s your first time in the Big Easy and you’re

Long stretching highways, fresh air and with every blink of an eye a new beautiful scenery gives you an immense pleasure and feeling of freedom – road trips unarguably fuel your soul and are open to anyone with a working set of wheels to hit the road. So it doesn’t quite matter whether you are sitting in a Mercedes E-Class or driving an old banger, once it comes to long-haul road trips, a traveller thinks more over choosing the best

Paris, no doubt, is the city of love. There is so much to do in this romantic city, so much to explore. You will fall in love with every corner of the Seine River, the sparkly Eiffel Tower and the delicious French food. Listed below are the top 11 things to do in Paris, and if you’re fast, you can do them all in 3 days! 1 - Picnic before sunset at Champ de Mars This is one of the most rewarding

Eastern Europe, over the last decade, has seen a tremendous rise in tourism. While cities like Prague and Dubrovnik are already seeing a mass influx of travellers, it is countries such as Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia that have started to attract a more different kind of tourist. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is an up-and-coming destination that has opened a whole new world to people wanting to explore the new and the offbeat. Whether it is a weekend break or one

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