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Jetting off to The Maldives? Here’s the best things to do

Often quoted as the number one honeymoon destination, The Maldives has become a popular choice for couples to relax, unwind and seek solitude. But this island country scattered over the Indian Ocean has so much more to offer.

1. Ride a seaplane

The Maldives Seaplane

The Maldives Seaplane

The Maldives comprises of over 1,100 islands and 26 Atolls. Malé (the capital) is just a landing point and once there, transfer over to your resort (depending on the distance – resorts arrange for either a speedboat or a seaplane). Choose a resort farther out if you want the full seaplane experience! It’s well worth the dollar spent.

2. Stay in an overwater bungalow

Overwater Bungalows in The Maldives

Overwater Bungalows in The Maldives

About two-thirds of the world’s overwater villas are in the Maldives, so its highly likely that your resort will have a few. Choose to live on the over water bungalow during your stay. These floating villas, with stunning panoramic views of the sparkling crystal-clear waters, are the epitome of luxe vacationing. Imagine sleeping to the sweet sound of the ocean waves and waking up to the glistening turquoise waters. You will be truly enveloped in the ultimate vacation paradise.

3. Wake up being the only person on an uninhabited Island

Dinner on a Private Island in The Maldives

Dinner on a Private Island in The Maldives

Sounds like Cast Away, but of course with on-call boat service to usher you back to civilisation. Some resorts can organise a romantic dinner on a private island and let you spend the night there – a little scary I have to admit – but checking one off the bucket list as well. This will definitely be the highlight of your trip.

4. Go diving, snorkelling

Snorkelling views - baby sharks in The Maldives

Snorkelling views – baby sharks in The Maldives

Maldives’ crystal clear waters provide the perfect setting to admire the exotic marine life right at your doorstep. We saw some baby sharks and stingrays pass by our room during breakfast. If you are not a diver, don’t worry – you can experience the underwater beauty easily while snorkelling. You’ll have the chance to swim with schools of fish and turtles without having to dive.

5. Indulge in the freshest local seafood

Eating fresh catch on a balmy evening in a tropical Island is tough to beat. The Maldives gives you all three. You can literally catch your own fish and immediately grill it into a simple yet flavourful meal. Maldivian food is a fusion of Sri Lankan and Indian flavours, making it quite aromatic and rich.

6. Pamper yourself in some luxurious spas

The Maldives is truly a place to rejuvenate and the spas provide you just the perfect setting. Most of them have open air (but private) ocean facing treatment rooms for you to indulge and unwind.

7. Kayak through the turquoise lagoons

Need to burn off all those calories from doing nothing? Try kayaking, once you get the hang of manoeuvring through the waves, it is quite relaxing. It’s also the perfect way to experience the stunning sunsets.

8. Sip, Read and Recharge

Don’t forget to pack your favourite books. You can spend days in the Maldives, just sipping on pretty drinks and reading. Every nook in the Island resort will provide you with a perfect spot to unwind and recharge.

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