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The Best Travel Podcasts of 2018

The best travel podcasts are those that provide valuable information such as destination info, tips and tricks, top attractions for specific destinations and much more. Some travel podcasts even focus on how to live abroad and how to make the most of your travels when jetting off on a solo travel adventure. These are the best travel podcasts this year…

The Best Travel Podcasts of 2018

1. Extra Pack of Peanuts

This travel podcast focuses on a variety of travel topics. Travis and Heather have lived abroad for several years before settling down in Philadelphia. Their podcast covers topics from the best summer destinations to the best travel gear, and much more.

2. Zero To Travel Podcast

The Zero to Travel podcast mostly features interviews with inspiring adventurers who share actionable advice and tips to help you fill your life with as much travel as you desire. Jason Moore, host of the podcast shares top tips on how to travel the world on your own terms.

3. The Amateur Traveler

Host, Chris Christensen has published over 500 destination focused episodes on his podcast, The Amateur Traveler. Each episode covers a new place. He interviews local experts of the area and highlights some top spots to visit.

4. Travelogue

The Travelogue podcast shares weekly conversations about where the hosts have been and what they’ve discovered on their trips. They’ve published over 140 episodes so far.

5. Family Adventure Podcast

Travel isn’t just for solo travellers or couples looking for an exciting adventure, jetting off and having an exciting adventurous time with the kids is definitely possible. This podcast proves that. They share their own experiences and stories from when they decided to leave their home in the US with 4 young kids, and a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia to spend 3+ months traveling by backpack.

6. Abroaders Podcast

This particular podcast is all about leveraging international travel to improve personal growth and business development. Every episode is packed with quality valuable actionable tips and insights on various topics from travel hacking, language acquisition, entrepreneurship to living abroad.

8. Mike Siegel’s Travel Tales

Mike Siegel, started Travel Tales Podcast to highlight both the best and worst experiences that travel has to offer. Comedian Mike makes his podcast episodes entertaining with some humour on the side. He used to host shows on TBS and HGTV.

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