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7 Super Simple Conversation Starters When Travelling

Let’s face it, making new friends on holiday whilst travelling can be pretty tough for some. However, starting conversations yourself can lead to lasting friendships and even connections from tourists around the world. You never know when they may be able to help you out!

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to start a conversation, or don’t feel too confident, these handy questions will help you start a conversation without even thinking about what to say next…

Whilst you’re at the airport, ask…

#1 What’s the time? – Boring, yes, but that simple little question can start a conversation leading to an ever lasting friendship, or maybe just until you board the plane.

#2 Do you know where the nearest <replace with a certain shop, fast food, particular place etc> is?

Whilst you’re on the flight…

#1 Is this the first time you’ll be visiting <destination>? – You could lead right into your travel experiences, or what you’ve got planned etc.

#2 Would you like a snack? – If you’ve got a bag of sweets or some small snacks, offer them to the people next to you. This usually works and that’ll start the conversation.

Whilst you’re at a tourist hotspot…

#1 I don’t suppose you can take a picture for me, please? – Asking another person to take a picture for you is by far one of the easiest ways to start a conversation. They may ask you to do the same for them, or they comment about the particular place you’re asking for a picture in front of. You could even follow up with a comment about the location.

#2 Where’s the best place for food around here? – Everyone loves food. Especially the foodies out there. This question will get the conversation started pretty easily. Consider even asking about a particular cuisine.

Whilst you’re at the hotel…

#1 What’s the best thing to do/see around here? – Asking the hotel staff about local attractions, bars and restaurants is a fantastic thing to do. They’ll want to make sure your vacation is memorable and will 99% of the time, share their recommendations with you. Who knows – they may even be your tour guide when they’ve finished their shift – or on a day off!

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