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Cheap Flights to Denpasar

Best time to fly to Denpasar

Useful information about Denpasar

Average Price (from London, UK)


Good Price (from London, UK)

£550 or less

Peak Season

July – August

Off-Peak Season

April, May, June and September

Frequently Asked Questions…Denpasar

When’s the best time to fly to Denpasar?

The best time to fly to Denpasar is during the months of April, May, June and September. During those months, Denpasar is the off-peak season, meaning cheap flights to Denpasar will be available.

What to see and do in Denpasar?

There’s so much to see and do in Denpasar. From beautiful beaches to visiting the waterfalls and exploring off the beaten track, you’ll never be bored in this tropical destination.

What’s the weather like in Denpasar?

Avg Temperature – 27°C. Highs: 28°C – Lows: 26°C.