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Cheap Flights to Tokyo

Best time to fly to Tokyo

Useful information about Tokyo

Average Price (from London, UK)


Good Price (from London, UK)

£500 or less

Peak Season

August – September

Off-Peak Season

May – June

Frequently Asked Questions…Tokyo

When’s the best time to fly to Tokyo?

The best time to fly to Tokyo is May – July when Tokyo is considered off-peak. August is when Tokyo is in peak season, so expect prices to increase.

What to see and do in Tokyo?

Attractions:  Tokyo Disneyland, Odaiba, Sensō-ji, Tokyo Skytree and much more!

What’s the weather like in Tokyo?

Avg Temperature – 20°C. Highs: 26°C – Lows: 5°C.

The hottest month in Tokyo is August, with a temperature of 26°C. The coldest month in Tokyo is January at 5°C.